Interior Wall Paint Basics

Whether you are planning to redecorate or restore anew the wall interiors of your home, painting the wall is a very basic task to do as part of this undertaking.

Repainting a wall can give you fresh and better environment to live in. You need to know some interior wall paint technique whether you are doing the painting personally or intending to hire someone else to do it for you. This is to ensure that you choose the right color and get everything done with an artistic effect to see.

Matching the paint colors with the room furniture is an essential consideration for painting a wall. You may consider the color of the things displayed in particular from the wall panels to the furniture displayed inside the room.

The following are basics that you need to know before you embark on your wall painting project.

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Choosing the Right Color

It is important that you make the right choice of the paint color before purchasing them. Some people are often intimidated with the numerous choices of colors available for wall paints that they no longer know what concept or color theme would be best to follow.

You can effectively choose the best paint color for your interior wall paint by selecting those that suit your mood, emotion, lifestyle, and choice of architectural design.

Know the Different Kinds of Paints

You can choose to use either oil based or water based paint. Oil based paints are slow drying thereby allowing the paint to spread smoothly along the surface.

  • Water based paints can dry within 1 hour. You will need paint thinner to clean paint brush used for oil based paint.
  • Using matte finish paint is best for low-trafficked area as it provides a more subdued finish. If you want a significant gloss on your wall use interior wall paint with an eggshell finish. They are best for hallways, bedrooms, and family rooms.
  • Glossy paints are not really used entirely for painting the walls. They are best for banisters, stairs, railings, door, shelves, and cabinet.

Conceptualize Painting Ideas

This is the best part of wall painting. You can create your own choice of design to upgrade the look of your walls. You can be as imaginative and creative as you can and there is no limit to your own choices. Do take note that you have to consider the design and color of your wall so that you can complement other furniture inside the room like the bed, couch, tables, lamps, and lighting fixtures.

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