Cute Teen Room Ideas – Juicy Couture Bedroom for a Teen Girlage

Almost any teenage girl would love a bedroom decorating in a juicy couture theme this is among one of the most cute teen room ideas  The look is fresh, fancy, colorful, and generally works well with the decorating preferences of a teenage girl. If your teenage girl is looking for a great new look for her room, here are some tips that can help you pull off a great juicy couture look.

Great Color Choices

Beautiful colors are a natural in a juicy couture bedroom. Colors that suggest royalty are usually good choices. When painting walls, a light pink, beautiful blue or a majestic green can all work well. Royal purple can also add a nice touch to a juicy couture theme.

Wallpaper with a flowery theme or beautiful cloud decals for around the top edges of the walls can also add a nice touch. Touches of metallic gold or yellow can also add an interesting touch and is used in many cute teen room ideas, such as adding stars to one wall or a few regal crown accessories.

It’s not necessary to have all matching colors in a juicy couture inspired bedroom. In fact, the effect usually works best if you use a variety of colors. Choose a few colors that work well together, and build your overall decorating theme from there.

Cute Teen Room Ideas Should Use Fun Fabric Accents

Choosing a fun pattern for fabric room accessories such as a comforter, bedspread or even an area rug can add a decorative touch. Feminine color combinations such as pink and white stripes can work well. Patterns that have a regal look, such as those incorporating gold stars on a dark blue background or a crown motif can also add a nice added touch.

Floral patterns can also be part of cute teen room ideas and is often a good choice. Using fabric to add decorative accents around the room in unexpected locations can also add a bit of fun. For example, cover a standard lamp shade with an interesting print fabric, or sew a few throw pillows to display on the bed. It’s often these little added touches that add the most design punch to a room.

Great Furniture Styles

Furniture pieces with a regal or feminine look work well in a juicy couture bedroom. Shiny white wrought iron furniture with plenty of swirls and curves can add a decorative touch. Opulent padded seat cushions, pretty color combinations, and decorative metallic trims can all add to the overall appeal of a piece of furniture.

A canopy bed with a cloud or star patterned canopy would also be a good choice. You can mix and match furniture pieces in an eclectic fashion to add extra visual appeal to the cute teen girl room.

Adding the Perfect Accessories

Almost anything with a regal, opulent or feminine look can become a great accessory for a juicy couture bedroom. Decorative wall hangings, beautiful plants, or a colorful area rug can all work well. You can also create your juicy couture bedroom using primarily accessories instead of making bigger changes to the room.

This method can offer a lot of versatility, especially if your teen changes her mind and decides on a different decorating theme in the future. Using accessories to create the overall look is also a budget friendly method of decorating and is used in many cute teen room ideas . Floral accents, crown motifs, clouds, stars and beautiful plant and floral patterns can all create the look with very little effort or expense.

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