7 Cool Boy Bedroom Designs – The Best Themes For A Boys Room

When it’s time to remodel their bedroom, you may wonder what your choices are. A boys room can sometimes be difficult when you think about all the choices there are and what he likes. It should be one of the many cool boy bedroom designs…

You want to inspire him while he is in his bedroom and you want to create a look that he will want to show off to his friends. There are several different themes to choose from however here are the top seven choices.

Theme #1: Cowboy

A cowboy theme is popular because almost every boy dreams of riding the range at sometime in his life. You can paint the walls white and trim it in brown. The bed frame and furniture should be brown in color. If you want to add more color to the room, paint a nightstand barn red after sanding it off.

You can paint the toy box blue and write their name in red on the front. You can purchase a blue jean comforter or you can make a blue jean quilt out of old jeans. Curtains should be made of a solid blue material with red bandannas to tie them back. Place brown rugs on each side of his bed and red rugs in front of the dresser and chest.

Theme #2: Sports

Kids love sports whether it is baseball, basketball, volleyball, bull riding, gymnastics, soccer, football, and more. There are so many different sports to choose from so have him decide which sports he likes the most and that is the theme you can use for his new cool boy bedroom design.

If it is soccer, football, or baseball he likes, paint the walls green to look like grass. You can put a border around the top of the wall at the ceiling that will display the sports that he likes. You can put a solid color comforter on his bed to match the sports. You may find a comforter with the sports that he likes or the color of his favorite team.

Theme #3: Jungle

This theme may cause a lot of creativity between you and your child. You can hang a rope ladder in the corner that will go from the ceiling down to the floor. You can purchase some silky vines from a craft store and wrap it around each rung.

Place some stuffed jungle animals on the ladder. This theme is popular in stores so you should be able to find comforters with jungle animals on it as well as pillows and blankets. A leafy print is also popular because you can decorate with stuffed jungle animals.

If you want to paint the walls, use a solid color green color because you will have enough print in your bedroom with just the bed.

Theme #4: a Nautical Theme

Most young men dream about being on the ocean at some point in their life. The carefree lifestyle of the sailor is fascinating and comes with many cool boy bedroom designs. To get this theme you will need to take a trip to the local craft store and purchase starfish, shells, seahorses, and some coral.

You will also need a fishing net which can be purchased almost anywhere beach theme items are sold. With a hot glue gun, glue the shells, starfish, and seahorses onto the net and hang it up on the wall. Paint the walls sandy brown in color and accessorize in white.

Theme #5: Characters

If your child likes a particular character, you can usually find enough supplies to get this look. Go online and look for some items to help decorate their room in their favorite character. Leave the walls a solid beige or white color and just change the comforter set on the bed and accessories. It’s easy to get a character look as well.

Theme #6: Race Cars

Zoom Zoom! Think of checked flags, engines and the like. Use rugs with the little speed demon’s favorite track design. The daredevil will have a lot of fun with walls adorned with car wall decor and appliques. For good measure add framed photos or posters of race cars, NASCAR is particularly popular among boys now. Erect some small shelving to show off his toy race car collection.

Transportation themed bedding is always a good choice for a boy’s room whether planes, trains or automobiles.

Theme #7: Bugaboo (Bugs)

Nature’s creatures often captivate a child and get their attention in a hurry. Boys adore reptiles and insects such as bees, frogs, grasshoppers, lizards and other creepy crawlers. Why not bring their fascination indoors while keeping the real creatures outdoors where they belong.

While you might prefer fancy bunnies and teddy bears for your little boy’s room this is often not among the cool boy bedroom designs that young guys want. An appropriate theme-based bedding for kids and theme-based decor will give you a unique room with the flexibility to change while your child grows.


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